Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

In Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Hearing Technology by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

Technology continues to advance at a faster and faster rate. These days it seems all we have to do is dream and imagine what we want from our technology and it can eventually become widely available. Hearing aid technology is no exception, becoming more and more innovative each year. 

Hearing aids today make it easier and more convenient to hear with a hearing impairment, using artificial intelligence hearing aids to track our listening habits and adapt to our listening needs.

Artificial Intelligence In Hearing Aids

When most of us think of artificial intelligence we think of science fiction robot stories from our childhood. These robots were able to recreate human thought processes faster and more accurately than we ever could. 

Artificial intelligence in actuality is a very wide-ranging branch of computer technology dedicated to building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.  For hearing aids this becomes technology which can adapt to our environment, making it effortless to hear in a wide range of settings automatically. 

Hearing aids with AI technology apply complex algorithms to make it easier to hear. They learn and remember your hearing preferences, and through a series of questions and observations, they’ll determine the best hearing settings to help you hear.

The Adaptability of AI Hearing Aids

In the past it has been a headache for hearing aid users to change from location to location. The noise level in one area is drastically different than listening needs in a quiet location. This has led to feedback and trouble with communication. 

Now with AI equipped hearing aids, they can adapt automatically by remembering different listening profiles and switching to them automatically. AI hearing aids are equipped with GPS, which can pinpoint your location and remember the listening environment of that space. On a busy street you will need to be aware of all the sounds approaching from different directions, while in the quiet of your home you may need a more nuanced listening program. 

Once you’re the artificial intelligence diagnoses the listening needs of a regularly frequented environment it will adjust automatically. This eliminates the need for you to be aware of these changes in environments and manually change them. 

Hearing Aids & Smartphone Compatibility

Today many hearing aids can be linked to your Smartphone. It can automatically pair with your television, radio or phone to stream sound wirelessly from these devices directly to your hearing aids. This eliminates any distraction so you can speak on the phone, listen to an audio book or movie easily and comfortably. 

This can come in handy at work as well where meetings can be difficult if you have a hearing impairment. The audio from a hearing loop can be sent directly to your hearing aids to ensure that you can hear important information as it is being said and reply with informed information.

Tracking Your Health 

Many hearing aids today not only help you hear, but can also track your health. Fit bits and other health monitoring devices are worn around the wrist, monitoring your pulse and creating daily health diagnostics. While these devices are wildly popular, it is actually much easier to collect accurate health information within the ear canal. Many new hearing aids now track your heart rate, pulse and activity with greater acuracy. 

For people caring for elderly, they know how important it is for seniors to stay active and healthy. AI equipped hearing aids can report movement, pulse and even active listening time of the seniors they love. If there is a fall or health emergency caretakers and relatives can be instantly alerted via Smartphones, shortening the response time for potentially fatal emergencies.

The Future of Hearing

Hearing aids become easier and easier to use and more adaptive. If you are already using hearing aids and you want to find out what the latest hearing aids with AI have to offer, make an appointment today. We can help you explore your options and help you find the best hearing aids to make hearing effortless. 

If you suspect you have a hearing issue and you’ve resisted having your hearing tested in the past, there is no time like now to discover the amazing benefits of hearing aids. Make an appointment today and get ready to enter the future of hearing potential!