Rechargeable Hearing Aids

One of the most frequent questions people ask when considering buying a new hearing aid is: “Are these hearing aids available with a rechargeable option?” The answer is often yes – the technology is quickly becoming mainstream in the hearing aid world. To learn more about rechargeable hearing aids visit one of our five convenient locations in Cape Coral, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Lehigh Acres, FL, Port Charlotte, FL, & Sebring, FL.

The arrival of lithium-ion

Rechargeable technology has been used with hearing aid technology for a while. But since the advent of lithium-ion technology, reliability has improved tremendously.

You’re familiar with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries from other devices in your house, like your smartphone or laptop. Now they are available in some of the latest hearing aids. Put your rechargeable hearing aids in the charger every night, and they’re ready for a full day every morning. No more battery-fiddling required.

This battery has a high energy capacity, which means its small size packs much power — you get over 24 hours of non-stop power. The lithium-ion battery is secured inside your hearing aid, protected from moisture and dust. Plus, a lithium-ion battery’s average lifetime is around the same lifetime as your hearing aids, so you don’t have to think around replacing the battery.

Benefits of rechargeable hearing aids

  • Ideal for those with reduced dexterity:
    Hearing aids are getting smaller, which is excellent for remaining discreet, but it is a challenge for those with low dexterity. If you have limited vision or low dexterity (finger arthritis), you might consider changing small batteries a problem. This is not an issue with rechargeable hearing aids. In the same way, you charge your smartphone at night, plug them in, and leave them on the nightstand. There are no batteries to remove or lose.
  • A full day's power:
    Rechargeable batteries will give you a full day's power. They will differ over how long you need to charge your hearing aid and how long it will last. Some brands give you 30 hours of power.
  • Long-lasting:
    By lasting for the service time of your hearing aid itself, you will likely never need to replace your rechargeable battery.
  • Peace of mind:
    Those with disposable batteries always carry spares with them, as they never really know when the battery will be depleted. This can cause unnecessary anxiety when faced with traveling or at important social events. These fears dissipate when using rechargeable hearing aids, You can rest assured you'll always have enough power to get through the day's events.

“Which manufacturers produce rechargeable hearing aids?”

Rechargeability has become so popular that every major brand now offers at least one rechargeable option. For the most part, the lithium-ion batteries that are used are still too large to work with the smallest hearing aids. ITE (in-the-ear) and smaller options generally still require the use of disposable zinc-air batteries.

Most manufacturers offer the option of rechargeability on their RIC (receiver-in-canal) and/or BTE (behind-the-ear) designs. Both of these types, while still incredibly small by historical standards, offer enough space in their housings to make rechargeability a practical option.

Some BTE models require a lot of power. These high-power hearing aids, designed to assist those with severe-profound hearing loss, usually require more power than is practical to expect from current rechargeable technology.

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