Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids have the potential to change your quality of life significantly. But, like any other technology, they need proper maintenance and care. If your hearing aids are not properly functioning, contact us for repairs. We are here to help!

Common hearing aid issues

Here are some common hearing aid issues:
  • The hearing aid often works and stops for no particular reason.
  • It seems to perform weaker than usual in the afternoon.
  • There is a crackling noise.
  • Volume control sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
  • The hearing aid whistles.
  • It doesn't switch on even though you've replaced the batteries
  • The battery door is coming off.
  • There is whistling even though the sound is not getting louder.
  • There's no change in volume even when you're turning the volume knob.
  • There is a humming sound when using the hearing aid.

Common hearing aid fixes

When hearing aid problems arise, they can often be easy enough to fix them yourself. Here are some suggestions if your hearing aid doesn't seem to work:
  • Try putting in a new battery.
  • Check that the battery is positioned correctly.
  • If your device has a volume control, make sure it's not turned right down.
  • Verify that you didn't turn to the "T" setting (loop function) by mistake.
  • If your hearing aid has a program button/switch, it could be on the wrong device or silenced.
  • Test that the earmold or ear tip is not impacted with wax
  • Ensure the tubing is not twisted or bent.
  • Look to see if condensation droplets are in the tubing. If there are, remove the droplets gently by removing the tubing and blowing into the tube.
If you've tried all of the above, but your hearing aid still doesn't work, take it to us for a repair.

We can repair your hearing aids

If you have trouble with hearing aids (whether or not you received them from us at Ear-Tronics), we're here to get your devices back in order.

Some repairs are as simple as replacing a battery button, receiver, or ear hook. Deep cleaning and dehumidification of hearing instruments may also solve several problems.

Some repair services are done in-house. For more complicated problems, we must initiate the repair process with the supplier. We work with several suppliers who, depending on age and manufacturing company, fix several different hearing aids.

When your hearing aids are sent for approved repairs, Ear-Tronics provides loaner hearing aids to keep you until your trusty hearing aids return.

What is involved in a hearing aid repair?

  1. We'll inspect your hearing aid, check your battery, and search for any visible signs of damage. 
  2. We'll remove dirt and debris, and inspect and repair the wax filter if necessary. 
  3. We can also see if any of the intricate parts have been damaged and, if so, fix them or send them to the manufacturer for repair. Common problems that can harm internal components include excessive blockages of wax or debris, liquid submersion, or a severe crack in the casing. 

Contact us for help, even if you haven't purchased your devices through our office. There is no hearing aid issue we haven't encountered before!

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