Q&A About Hearing Loss

Q&A About Hearing Loss

In Hearing Loss by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about hearing loss. Many people, for one reason or another, put off getting hearing evaluations and treatment even when they realize they have hearing issues. At Ear-Tronics, we listen to your needs and act accordingly to give you the best treatment. We discuss your hearing aids, what your expectations are and we help you navigate through the technology so you can reconnect with the hearing world you are missing. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

Here are some answers to some common questions about hearing loss and we can help clear up any other questions you might have at your appointment.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is caused by the natural process of aging, but it also can be caused by a sudden loud noise or frequent exposure to loud noise. One sudden sharp noise can damage your hearing, but exposure to noise every day, like at work if it’s a manufacturing facility can lead to noise induced hearing loss. All types of hearing loss are treatable.

Hearing loss related to aging is called presbycusis and it occurs naturally as we age. One in three people in the United States between the ages of 65 and 74 have age-related hearing loss. Age related hearing loss is gradual and occurs in both ears. The symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss are a feeling of fullness in the ears, hearing conversation as muffled and a ringing in the ears. Symptoms of age-related hearing loss is starting to have issues hearing higher pitched sounds first.

Are There Natural Remedies for Hearing Loss?

No. Once hair cells in the inner ear are damaged or destroyed, they don’t regenerate. In spite of what you may read on the internet, once there is damage, it can’t be fixed.

What’s the Harm in Not Getting Hearing Aids?

Studies here and in Europe show individuals with untreated hearing loss are more prone to accidents. Your brain works overtime to process sound and it doesn’t have the processing power to keep everything else running. People with hearing loss isolate themselves because they don’t want to deal with trying to hear what is going on and/or explaining why they can’t hear. Sound processing when you are only hearing bits and pieces is frustrating as well as physically and mentally exhausting.

Do I Really Need Two Hearing Aids?

You may think you are hearing better in one ear, but it is likely you are experiencing hearing loss in both. Age-related hearing loss occurs in both ears and most types of hearing loss are corrected with hearing aids in both ears. Your brain functions using both ears to figure out where sound is coming from. Two hearing aids means you won’t have to strain to hear. Hearing is not equal in both ears. Researchers at UCLA and the University of Arizona determined your left ear is more sensitive to music and singing while your right ear is better at processing the spoken word.

Aren’t Hearing Aids Just for Old People?

People of all ages are affected by hearing loss. Six million people between the ages of 18 and 44 in the United States have some hearing loss and more than 1 million school-age children have hearing loss.

Will Hearing Aids Make Everything Loud?

Hearing aids are tiny marvelous amplifiers. They adjust directionally to sound and can even help you pick out conversation sound from background noise. Many of the new models have a GPS feature so if you had to adjust the sound somewhere, your hearing aid will remember when you return to that location and adjust again without you doing anything. Some have features where they automatically tone down a really loud noise.

Will I be able to hear right away with hearing aids?

There is an adjustment period with hearing aids. Your ears and your brain have to catch up with sound processing. Most people adjust within weeks and are very happy with their hearing aids. At Ear-Tronics, you can lease your hearing aids and the lease plan includes repairs – parts and labor, maintenance, insurance, batteries and office visits. Give us a call today.