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I really appreciate you and your office, and Dottie. Thank you so much. It’s a wonderful office. Excuse my writing. You are all wonderful people. Sincerely, Charlene Hatton

Dr. Hooper and Ear-Tronics: I knew I had a problem with my hearing. But with so many services being offered in our area, I didn’t know who to choose. In talking with a friend, she suggested I see Dr. Hooper. She was happy with him. After making an appointment and talking with him, I knew I had made the right choice. He was great, answered all my questions, and made me feel comfortable. Sherri, the gal at the front desk makes you feel at home and answers all your concerns also. I know I made the right decision. It has been 5 months and I am sorry I waited this long! Patricia Hiltbrand

Hello to all who need hearing aids and are doubtful about wearing them. Let me share just a few experiences of mine with you. I had been putting it off because of Vanity! They would make me look and feel old, they would hurt, they wouldn’t fit (bla, bla, bla). Was I ever wrong! I truly enjoy wearing mine because they really make me feel younger! I no longer read lips. Plus, they are not hard to get used to. I actually overheard a bit of a person’s conversation standing next to me. It was difficult not to smile. I always wanted outdoor chimes, but why bother–how would they sound, silly? I now have them and they sound beautiful! The music at Mass is truly Heavenly. I had forgotten just how wonderful it was. And of course going out with friends is fun again. I no longer asking why everyone is laughing–I was missing so much! It is just marvelous to hear again. TV you ask? I was playing the volume quite loud before, and still not catching what was being said. Now I listen to my favorite shows like Wheel of Fortune and catch every letter the contestants ask for. I love it! I don’t feel left out of the world anymore. I also told my husband to be careful now that I can hear him. I can hear two beautiful doves that come to my window now and then–I can actually hear the cooing! It’s terrific the things I can now hear, the many things I have been missing. Just about everything in my life has been enhanced. I never want to be without my aids again. When I awake I put them in immediately, I feel I have missed so much over the years. My hearing aids do not come out until bedtime. PLEASE don’t wait any longer to have your ears checked. You honestly don’t realize what you have been missing. I go to Ear-Tronics in Florida. They manufacture their own line of hearing aids. Dr. Robert Hooper is the owner of the business. They have been in business for 40 years! His office manager Sherri Owens has been with him many years, happy to help and please people. They sincerely have improved the quality of my life. I have been blessed to meet such wonderful, caring, professional people. I believe they have brought me back into a wonderful world. I pray for them each day. Thank you Dr. Hooper and Sherri. God Bless you both! PS–They both wear hearing aids, too!