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the children at the school I volunteer at, and when I was in a group of people. After discussing this with a friend she referred me to Ear-Tronics because she was so satisfied with their service. After receiving a thorough audio test, it showed me that I needed hearing aids. I was introduced to the leasing program at that time. There was an affordable down payment required so I had no large out of pocket expense to me. The monthly lease amount was affordable for my budget and something I could handle on a monthly basis. There were so many benefits with the program including free batteries for the term of the lease. I would highly recommend Ear-Tronics because of the low out of pocket down payment, the affordable lease payments, the professionalism of the doctors and staff, and when I call for an appointment they get me in as soon as possible. I also appreciate the fact that if anything is wrong with my hearing aid I can go to the in house lab to have it fixed at no charge.