When to Get New Hearing Aids

When to Get New Hearing Aids

In Hearing Loss by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

If you are wearing hearing aids it is important to understand that they will not last forever. You must monitor them regularly to make sure they are still functioning at their peak performance so you can hear the world around you as best possible. After years often the technology will start to not be as sharp or as state of the art as it once was. Often it’s your own hearing from natural aging that has continued to decline making it necessary to invest in a new, more efficient set of aids. Out of date hearing aids may be better than no aids at all, but what’s the actual cost of putting off a much-needed update? Hearing aid technology continues to advance at great strides making hearing clearer and easier to hear than ever before. Don’t get left behind with an old pair of outdated hearing aids that can start to be more of a bother than help. 

Older Hearing Aids

When you are using older hearing aids, you may become accustomed to them buzzing and failing regularly. Using older hearing aids has been likened to living with untreated hearing loss for some. Often you don’t realize what you are missing till you invest in a new pair. If you have become accustomed to using outdated hearing aids you might be in for a shock if you discovered all the options now out there for hearing aids. 

Advantages of New Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids have more features that make hearing easier than ever before. The recent introduction of Bluetooth technology allows you to stream information from your smartphone, Television or radio, directly to your ear. This means that you no longer have to struggle to hear on the phone or the navigation on your GPS while driving. Television programs will be an ease to hear as they are delivered directly to your ears.  Other features that can make a world of difference towards the quality of your life include noise and wind suppression to make it easier to hear in crowds or outside in higher winds.

The Cost of Out Of Date Hearing Aids

Many people holding on to their old hearing aids are living in fear of the cost of newer hearing aids. It is an unfortunate fact that many insurance companies will not cover hearing aids or upgrades. While this can be daunting it is important to compare the cost of living with hearing aids that make hearing difficult and strained. As with untreated hearing loss, an unclear sound or feedback in your hearing aids can cause as much stress and social strain as not wearing any at all. The cost to your relationships, your hobbies, your independence and your professional life may be much more valuable to the quality of life versus the one time investment of state of the art hearing aids. 

The Cost of Using Older Technology

Not only that but the actual cost of using older Analog hearing devices can add up fast. The cost of replacing inefficient batteries weekly, daily or more can be exhausting. As these older devices continue to age you will notice that you need to have them repaired more and more often. Why spend the money repairing old devices that will not allow you to hear as well as you could? 

Explore Stress-free Styles

There is a very good chance that there may be a more streamlined and more user friendly model of hearing aids out there for you than the ones you are wearing now. This is especially true if your hearing aids are going on seven to ten years old. Older hearing aids tend to be more bulky and harder to use. There are a seemingly endless variety of personalizations available with modern hearing aids such as size, color, and shape. 

Know when it is Time to Upgrade

Perhaps your hearing has changed and your old hearing aids are not working as well as they should. Perhaps you have picked up new hobbies or a new lifestyle along the way that has changed your hearing needs. Whatever the reason, it is a good idea to have your hearing and your hearing checked annually to make sure you are getting the best out of your hearing aids so you can focus on the things you love in life.