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Taking care of your hearing and vision slows cognitive decline by 50-75%

In Age Related Hearing Loss, Health, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Research by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

In the first year of our life our brain grow and develops by 50%. By the time we are 5 years old the brain is nearly 90% developed. However, it may come as a disappointment for many that the brain starts to decline as early as 45 years of age. If you are concerned about your cognitive health, it’s important …

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Sensitivity to Sound as We Age

In Age Related Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

In the United States, about 48 million people suffer from hearing loss (about 20% of the population) and about 40 percent of them are younger than 60. Globally, it is estimated that 466 million people have disabling hearing loss. It is often normal to experience various levels of hearing loss as we age and our brains become more sensitive to …